Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I just returned to work after a 5 day staycation. I was tired and overworked. Stress level way too high, so it was time to take off.

I enjoyed 5 days of hanging around the house w/o any set plans. Time off was relaxing and I finally had time to think. I need more work/life balance. Things are out of balance and I feel it. I realized that I had not enjoy sewing most of the winter. Too many things didn't turn out and I got frustrated. I spent too much time trying new things and playing with getting a better fit. I lost the enjoyment of sewing and my mojo along the way.

I feel like I need to start over with the way that I approach sewing including this blog. I deleted almost all of my posts and will probably delete the rest of them except for the post about the snow. I need a fresh start.

My summer wardrobe is pretty bare. I need a whole new wardrobe. My plan is the 3 S's:

Sew Realistic - Sew for the life that I have. As much as I love skirts - pants are easier for work. Save the skirts and dresses for the weekend.

Sew Simple - I need simple garments because I need a lot of clothes.

Shop the stash - I think that I have all the fabric that I need for now. I've gotten better at not buying every fabric that I want. I love buying fabric. I say no a lot more now. I'm going to try to only buy fabric that sings to me. I can't promise that I would stick to a fabric diet because it would be broken in no time. Fabricmart does me in all the time.

This post may be the re-start of my blog or I may delete it in time. Who knows?


Melodye said...

Good to see you back. I enjoy reading your posts and would hate to see you leave the blogosphere. I know that it's difficult posting all the time, but personally I enjoy looking back over what I've accomplished (or at least tried!). And we're always harder on ourselves than we are on others or even than others are on ourselves. Can't wait to see where you new direction in sewing takes you!

RuthieK said...

I hear you about the work life balance. Once you have TNT top and pants patterns you can make up a few and have stuff to wear. and after that go after whatever you like!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I hope you don't delete the will be a good touchpoint when you start to sew more. But I understand the purchasing of fabric when nuthin is going well sewing wise...and I understand the Fabric Mart trap even more! *LOL*

However, if I believe if you stick to your 3Ss and come up with a few successes you may end up being happier and have more clothing in your wardrobe.

I will be hanging around to see what happens!

Barbara said...

Those 3s are the nicest sewing rules I have read in a long time. Thanks for sharing.