Monday, September 13, 2010

No, no, I don't want to go

Tomorrow, I leave for a 4 day trip Brentwood, Tenn. to attend a class to learn how to teach adults. I've been teaching adults for a long, long, time so the class is just a formality. I will be bored beyond belief while I'm sitting in class but the class is required if I want to train other nurses to teach patients. I volunteered to go but I'd rather be at home on a staycation. I'll be in withdrawal since I'll be internet and sewing machine free while I'm out of town.  I'm taking some sewing related reading. I'll enjoy the quiet time in the evening.

The cardigan is in progress. I stopped at pinning the back to the collar and fronts. I was slow sewing yesterday so I'm not as far along as I could be. The best thing about having my own sewing room is that whatever I'm working on will still be in the same place when I come back Thursday night.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

McCall's 6084

I love cardigans. One of my goals is to develop a set of different style patterns that I can combine with new styles in the future. I have been collecting patterns and waiting to start working on them. Last night I cut out McCall's 6084. This pattern only has 3 pattern pieces.
I made several changes to the pattern. I cut the neck and shoulder pattern in a large  and cut out the xxl size at the side seams. I shorten the jacket 2 inches because the original pattern is too long for the look that I want. Did a fake FBA by adding to the center front and tapering to the size. Curved the arm pattern piece to get rid of excess fabric. Did a round back adjustment which added a center back seam.
The pattern is suppose to be a 1 hour cardigan. After looking at the directions, I know that this pattern is going to take more than an hour in addition to the changes that I'll make in construction. The directions read like you are making a woven garment. No where does it mention a serger. I'm using the serger for all of the seams except the armholes. I cut some FOE in half to use to stabilize the front and neck area. I want this area to have some stretch. I'll use strips of knit interfacing to stablize the hems.

I'm using a navy blue knit from either or Fabricmart. This fabric has been sitting on the end of the cutting table for too long. It started talking to me last week. I was suppose to be working on some black garments but this fabric won out. Of course now I want to make blue pants when I really need black.

I have enough for a tank top, v neck top (already cut out) and another cardigan in a different style. I will use up all of this fabric so it doesn't go back in the stash.

I'm curious about how long it is going to take from start to finish to complete this garment. I'm sewing in spurts this week but I'm going to time myself. I hope to finish this and the tank top so I can take them on a business trip next week.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Butterick 5488

I'm working on the second version of this dress Butterick 5488 .   I bought this pattern shortly during a recent sale. Debbie from Stitches and Seams made a great version of this dress.  Debbie from Stitches and Seams . I love her dress. Her notes about the muslin saved me a lot of time. I started out knowing that I needed to add length. The changes that I made to this pattern:
  • added length in 3 areas - 
    • front  pattern piece -
      • added 5/8" just below the armhole
      • 1.5" to waist area
      • 2" to hip area
    • back pattern piece
      • I didn't add any extra lenght under the armhole. I just eased the front to the back.
  • added a 2" hem
  • pegged the hem by 1/2" on the side seams and the back seam.

I screwed up and turned the pleats into tucks on the first dress. Not quite the look that I wanted and you can see the stitching lines. The print is a lightweight poly that I got from Fabricmart  earlier this year. It turned out really nice. I have worn the dress several times and it is really comfortable.

The second dress is another Fabricmart fabric. It is a rayon knit that feels heavenly. I have a bunch of this fabric left.  I changed this dress by adding tucks to the front instead of pleats.

The tucks were time consuming and a couple of times, I wondered what made me do this when I'm suppose to be sewing simple.  This dress has not been worn because after it was done, I decided that I didn't want to wear as much black this summer. I need to wash it to remove the chalk marks.