Sunday, January 20, 2013

2012-2013 Winter 6PAC

Last year, I decided to work on my fall/winter wardrobe following the Stitcher's Guild 2012-2013 Winter 6PAC thread. My second goal was to use up some of the fabric that has been lingering in my stash taking up too much space. I managed to get 6 garments out of 11 yards of a lightweight black ponte knit I bought last year. I made a tank top, cowl neck top, 2 skirts, pair of pants and a cardigan. All of the bottoms were underlined because the fabric was lightweight. I used PMB to draft all of the patterns except for the pants so I could test some design decisions.
I used Louise Cutting One Seam pants  for my pants pattern. This pattern is great. Her directions are excellent and I can make a pair in 2 hours. I discovered that the the pants are too big when I wore them last weekend. I need to see if I can take the waist in. I did remove one inch from the pattern for the next pair. The collar on the cowl neck top is not high enough. I will probably give DSIS this top.

I made two black skirts. I wanted a longer skirt to wear with boots.  The shorter skirt is knee length and has two kick pleats in the back. I didn't take pictures of the shorter skirt or the cardigan yet.



I used a modal knit from an ebay vendor for the top and cardigan. This is another fabric that has been in the stash for awhile. It is so soft.  I love modal knit. PMB doesn't draft a one inch facing so I had to manually cut the facing smaller. I didn't bother with buttons since it will never be worn buttoned up.  The camisole is too wide across the top but I need the width across the bust so I used elastic to make it fit more snug. The next time I make a camisole, I will try PMB scaling to accommodate the stretch of the fabric.
Up next was a dress and jacket from fabric that has been in the stash for quite a while. I could never figure out what to make out of this fabric. The pattern for the dress had too much ease so I reduced the ease. One of these days, I'll get the hang of figuring out ease. I need to stop being lazy and baste the side seams together before I sew them. The armcye was gapping so I took a wedge out of the pattern.
The jacket was an adventure because I made a huge mistake when I drafted the original pattern. The original pattern had a built up neckline and shoulder darts. Big mistake, it looked horrible. I loved the fabric and wanted to save the jacket. I removed the neck area and cut it up to draft a front and back yoke. I used gathers to take up the excess fabric from the shoulder dart. I used a binding for the collar and front facing.  The back of the jacket has a center pleat. I made a couple of other garments that I gave away before I took pictures. 


ACorgiHouse said...

Very productive, and I like them all! You got a good six-pack that will all work together, I need to start doing some of that. Thanks for the poke to get myself in gear too! K

Tee said...

Very nice!!!!

Anonymous said...

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