Monday, January 28, 2013

2013 Swap First Garment - Lekala 4075 (long post)

I finished Lekala 4075 last night. I ordered it from Lekala patterns on their American website. I had been checking out the site when I decided to test the waters. I ordered the 5 pattern bundle special for 10 bucks and then got 10% off because I registered. I ended up paying $8.79. I got a form letter saying that there was a problem with my order. Later that night, I got an email asking for my pattern choices. When I wore up the next morning the patterns were in my in-box. I asked for seam allowances and they are about 3/8" wide.

I was pleasantly suprised at how well the pattern turned out. It was easy to glue together after I got pass my self-inflicted problems printing the pattern out. I couldn't figure out what was wrong when I tried to line the pattern up. I printed it out again and got DH to look at it. Lightbulb moment - remember that spouse's help is not always helpful. Bless his heart, he tried but he only made me more frustrated. Men and woman definitely speak a different language. I ordered the pattern to fit legal paper and didn't change the printer properties. After I changed the printer setting, it printed out without any problems. A light box would be  helpful. The pages are numbered and it went together without a problem. It took less than 1/2 hour to glue the pattern together and cut it out. I traced the pattern onto soil separator paper for future use. The pattern comes with a diagram.

I threw together a muslin that turned out nice. The only issues that I ran across was the front sleeve draft. I think that problems was due to my bust size. The front sleeve drafted too short so I copied the back sleeve length onto the front pattern piece. I eased the darts in place instead of sewing them. Added 5/8 inch of fabric to the front pattern piece for added insurance. Pay attention to the markings on the v-neck. Clip the markings - the opening is about 2 1/2inches wide on each side of the V.

I used a soft drapy knit that I bought from A Fabric Place ( only been in the stash since November).

The pattern directions had me scratching my head.  I started out by interfacing the neck and sleeve opening with 1/2" knit interfacing. Used 1" interfacing on the hems.

Serged shoulder seams together and pressed them towards the garment back. Sew the tie together. Turn it right side out and press.

Place the fabric front right side up on the table. On the right side fold over the edge 1/4" back and topstitch in place. The opening will be 2 1/2" long.

On the left side of the opening, line up the edges of the tie and pin both ends in place. Pleat the fabric between the pins in place. Baste them in place. Sew the tie in place on the left side of the neck opening.


Pull the tie across to the right side of the neck opening. Starting with the right side of the topstitched opening, pin the tie to the neck opening until you reach the left side of the tie.  Baste the tie in place stretching it slightly so the tie will hug the neck.  Stitch the tie in place.

Finish the side seams easing the bust dart to the back fabric. Finish the blouse as usual.

I ended up hand stitching the tie in place so it would stay in place because the weight of the tie wants to pull it to the left side of the opening.

 Girlie is wearing the finished top.

 Closer view of the tie area.

The pattern was well drafted except for the front sleeve length. I plan to make it again using a black woven fabric. This is a long post but I wanted to write down the directions for future reference. I might make this again as a dress with long sleeves. Three more Lekala patterns to try out.


Anonymous said...
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me said...

Nice looking blouse. Was good to see someone made up one of the patterns. I've read so much about it.
Marciae from SG