Thursday, January 3, 2013

Do the work

I just finished reading a powerful blog post  Three Rows of Ruffles  by Myrna. Her posts always provide serious food for thought. Some of her posts touch on things that I didn't know were rummaging around in my head. I didn't thrive last year but spend a lot of time being tired. The commute and being a full-time grandmother has kicked my butt. I didn't think that DGD would be here with us as much as she is. Most of the time when I am home, she is my sidekick. I love her and it is worth it because she is a happy child who is well loved by everybody around her.

I have been spending more time in the sewing room and working on developing some TNT patterns. I am going to work on merging my PMB patterns with commercial patterns. I've accumulated the patterns so that should be put to use. My pants pattern is close to being the final one . I need to learn more challenging techniques.

I need to find a way to balance sewing and jewelry making. I love making my own jewelry but find that I either sew or make jewelry. I need to carve out some time for both hobbies.

I didn't write or mentally make definite New Year resolutions other than to shop the stash first and to sew more. I plan to make her phrase "Do the Work" my motto for this year. I need to DO THE WORK. I have everything that I need to accomplish my goals except the umph to get busy. I do have some loose goals floating around in my head. I really need a serious wardrobe based on my current lifestyle. I love dressy clothes but I only need them for church and occasionally going out. I need to work at dressing better when I'm running errands. I need to take better care of me.

I looking forward to a more productive year with achieving peace and balance as the core goals. I just need to do the work.

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Tee said...

You go girl!!!!! When my girls were younger, I used to give them scraps and crayons/coloring books to keep them occupied in my sewing room. I was able to get a little accomplished. But it's always a challenge to get things done with litte ones afoot. I be your cheerleader in the background!!!!