Saturday, December 28, 2013

2014 Sewing Goals, Happy Sewing New Year

I'm looking forward to 2014. I'm glad that this year is almost over. I have been thinking about my sewing goals for next year.
I have been sewing almost all of my garments for the last few years. The only clothing that I have been buying were jeans, camisoles and underwear. RTW doesn't fit, I'm all bust and no hips. I hate shopping so I would rather stay home and spend that time in my sewing room.
  • Shop my stash, I'm beyond SABLE. I have some nice fabrics that need to be used. I love buying fabric but haven't given into the recent sales. I have probably used at least 60 yards of fabrics this year. I gave away a bunch of fabric. I am not committing to stop buying fabric because I would be setting myself up to fail. FM is my biggest downfall, :)
  • Blog more, I truly suck at blogging. I'm one of those people who hate to have their pictures taken. I have sewn quite a few garments but never take pictures. I decided that I would take some pictures of my 2013 garments and post them to separate page. I know that people prefer to see garments on people but my dressform will have to do.
  •  One of my goals for this year is to continue to develop a set of TNT patterns. I think that I have the pants and skirt patterns done. I have successfully solved the problem of a full abdomen adjustment with narrow leg pants.
  • Learn new techniques - I need to up my game
  • Work on fitting garments using woven fabric. I have a ton of shirt fabrics that need to move out of the stash. I sew with a lot of knits because they are easy to wear.
  • Sew and alter a few things for DH. His favorite thing to wear are vests. Almost all of his vest are too large.
I hate the cutting out part of sewing. I usually only work on one garment at a time but this week I decided to cut out a bunch of stuff and bag it up. All of them are simple knit garments that will be easy to sew. I have another top to cut out and I will start sewing my January garment.

This is my bin of sewing projects ready to go. I'll sew a little bit everyday until they are finished.


L said...

Your list of sewing intentions sounds a lot like mine. Happy new year to you.

Faye Lewis said...

Wonderful goals and I have no doubt that you will accomplish each and every one. Looking forward to seeing your great garments in the new year.

happyhomemakerredux said...

I think those are great, achieveable goals for the coming year. Having a set of TNT patterns will open many sewing doors for you. I've been working on a set for myself. Happy new year.

Remembering..OZ said...

What a great idea to cut out different projects and have them ready to sew. I'm with you on the cutting out...ugh!!

Linda said...

Great goals for 2014. Refresh my memory what does SABLE mean? I look forward to seeing your new projects for this upcoming year.

Farhana said...

Nice set of goals looking forward to see what you do in the coming year happy sewing!!!

Tee said...

Good for you!!! You know I'm in the same boat as far as fabric goes!