Sunday, February 2, 2014

February Plans

February Projects
MAGAM project  Vogue 8605 - I made this coat before but gave it to my aunt. She has been wearing it to church. This time, I plan is to make the sleeves longer, lengthen the coat and add walking ease.
I bought a fleece from FM for this coat.
My Fearless February project is McCall 6850 - this is going to be a hoodie for DH. This will be the first time that I have sewed a garment for DH. I bought another piece of fleece from FM. I have enough for two projects.
Make a color-blocked dress inspired by a Michael Kors dress
Draft a wrap dress for Tee's wrap dress sewalong
Sewing for others - hem 2 pairs of pants for DM and fix DH's other vest.

I need to start thinking about a spring 6pac. I might need a new wardrobe if things go well this month. I have the prayer circle sending many prayers upstairs. I love my stash because I already have patterns and fabric.


Nanna said...

sounds liek great plans for new projects, I like the idea if the spring 6 pack project

Roz said...

I can relate to "distractions"! :)

Faye Lewis said...

Oh Towanda I hope the hoodie that you make turns out to be your very best garment sewn ever!

Diana said...

Sounds like a great plan! I'm planning a coat with wool bought in Paris three years ago but we have renovations going on and I can't seem to get to the alterations I need to do to get started!

mut said...
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