Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Resurrection Sunday

Happy Easter for those who celebrate. Today is day of renewal and re-birth. This morning, I'll worship with family. Then DH & I will go to lunch with my mother and her sister. Later today, we'll have dinner with DS and his girlfriend. Cooking dinner is a team effort this year and I am grateful for their help.

The last few weeks/months/years workwise have been tough. Ending this job has been difficult emotionally. I am thankful to God for holding me up while I am in the midst of these storms. Walking into this new job is God's grace. I feel know that this is where he means for me to be. I feel like everything that I have experienced was in preparation for this job. I started telling the patients that I am leaving last week. Tissues were pulled out. Next week will be worse and quite a few tears will be shared. One patient told me that she was not surprised. She said that she sees my anointing in taking care of people. I'm not doing anything special. My goal is to take care of people the same way that I would want someone to take care of me and my loved ones. My job is to bring glory to God. A lot of the patients are religious/spiritual. We come from different viewpoints. I've learned some interesting things from them. I will miss them.

Sewing wise - I've been working overtime so sewing has been on a back burner. After 6 pattern drafts, I have a workable pants pattern. 2 skirt drafts later and I think that my pencil skirt pattern will work. Next up is a sleeveless sheath dress muslin.

Happy Easter. May everything that you do today bring glory to God


ACorgiHouse said...

Happy Easter, Towanda

Roz said...

What a blessing to walk in your calling! Hope you had a wonderful Easter.

Faye Lewis said...

Hope you and your family had the most wonderful Easter weekend. I don't mind sharing what Gwen told me it's so simple that you won't even believe it. When I get a minute I'll type it up like I remember it. Email me at fayedoll(at)cox dot net and I'll email it to you when I do.

Tee said...

Congratulations on your new job!!! I know you will do extremely well!