Sunday, January 12, 2020

2020 Here's looking forward to a great year

The house we live in is an older rowhouse. The bedrooms either are missing a closet or they are too small for clothes storage. When we move in, we decided to take one small bedroom and make it a combined clothes closet and fabric storage area. It has worked well for many years except when the shelf fell off the wall. After that incident, I bought new closet shelving units from Amazon that work really well. All of my hanging clothes are organized by type and color. This made the room function even better. 

My sewing room is small but worked very well. I managed to have a full size cutting table against one wall. I always missed being able to walk around the table. At the end of the year, I decided to rearrange my sewing room and fabric storage area. I decided to move the fabric storage to the sewing room and move the cutting table to the closet room. This turned out to be a bigger project that I imagined. MY OCD tendencies got on my own nerves. I got frustrated because one project lead to another and sometimes I had to wait for someone to help me. In the end it turned out to be a great decision. I got everything organized and have successfully cut out a few projects. It got even better when I remembered that I could watch tv on my tablet. Hoorah

New cutting area. These are two Sullivan tables from Joann's which are fully extended. Everything is organized and has a home. Scissors and rotary cutters are up on the wall away from little fingers. My notion storage cabinet is under the table and bags of interfacing are stored on the floor at the top of the table. On either side of the table are 3 drawer carts filled with lining fabric. I enjoy cutting out fabric now that this area is finished.  On the table is a roll of the paper used in new homes to protect  floors. I use it to protect my cutting boards when I'm tracing patterns or gluing together my PMB patterns.

For the sewing room, Amazon to the rescue. I bought new shelving units. I miss-measured the shorter shelving units so I had to remove a shelf that I had planned to keep.  While we were putting up the shelves, my helper cut her hand and ended up having to get stitches. This is the first time that I have stored my fabric collection in this sewing room. After I loaded all of the fabric on the shelves, I lost the desire to buy more fabric. I wasn't sure if I would like it since the room is so small. Turns out that I like it better than I thought. DM was excited when she saw the revised room because she taught me to sew. She thinks that this is all of my stash. I didn't tell her about the bins in the basement, lol.
Recovering the dress form was my first project. I renamed her Sam in honor of my late husband. She is wearing one of his shirts right now. The print on the shoulder is a failed dress that was turned into a skirt. It just needs elastic added to the waistband. 
The sewing area is still the same, except for the new floor.  I decluttered and it feels better visually. As I get older, I realized that clutter makes me feel out of sorts. The middle shelf will now hold family pictures instead of a bunch of sewing stuff. Reminder, I need to get more frames.

This is were the grands hang out when they want to spend time with me. 
I've set some goals that year. The major goal is to enjoy my grands. They are great kids who are funny and bring me a lot of joy.

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