Sunday, January 12, 2020

SWAP 2020 - Wild Ginger Cardigan

One of my goals this year is to keep a better record of what I make. I sewed a lot last year but didn't make any notes. Sometimes, I wished I had something to reference about a garment. I have set some goals for this year:
  1. Shop from the stash. I do own a lot of nice fabric. I won't say that I will not buy fabric because I love boxes of fabric waiting for me when I get home. Im going to support my local fabric shop - A Fabric Place. I love this store because of the customer service.
  2. Sew more. I decided to participate in the 2020 SWAP at Stitcher's Guild . Every year, I start but never finish or finish on time. I did finish last year but it took me a long time. My color scheme this year starts with black, white, and red fabrics. I picked black and white since I have a shelving unit filled with 5 shelves of black and white fabrics. Not everything that I sew will fit into the SWAP. Three of the first garments that I cut out are animal prints and not part of the SWAP. I will be adding other colors as the urge hits. 
I'm going to work on documenting what I make especially since I discovered the Microsoft snipping tool works with Wild Ginger. I cut out a bunch of projects ove the last week and finished today.
I am more productive if I have stuff ready to sew. Altering patterns and cutting out fabric are not my favorite parts of sewing.  All of the machines got threaded with black thread today. Everything is organized and ready to go. My current dilemma is where to work on a muslin for a jacket or start working on my long black cardigan. 

I love sweaters that can wrap around my body. Two of the SWAP garments much coordinate with everything else. This sweater will coordinate with everything else. The fabric is a thick black knit that has been in the fabric collection for at least two years.  This is a picture of the pattern image. 

 I'm adding this picture so I know what settings I used in case I need to make changes.
After writing this I think that cardigan wins as the next project to meet the sewing machine. The only thing that I have to think about is how to finish the edges. 

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