Monday, May 7, 2012

My first dress for DGD

My nephrew is getting married next Saturday. DGD needs a dress to wear to the wedding. I bumped my head and decided that I would make her a dress. This is my version of a dress that we saw on Easter. DM and one of my aunts asked that I make this dress. The big issue that I had to tackle is that we only get DGD on the weekends. I had to start the dress before she came to my house so I didn't have a good set of measurements. This is what happens when you wait until the last minute. 

I used a basic infant summer dress pattern for the base dress. My mother gave me the fabric that I used for the underlining. She doesn't remember where the fabric came from. I soaked it in Oxyclean and wash it twice in hot water to get it white. I had to work around some stains that didn't come out.

I bought a shimmery fabric from Joann's and used it for the bodice and sleeves. I used the same fabric as a under layer on the skirt.  I sewed everything except the side seams. We tried the dress on when she came to my house the next weekend. The dress was too big and too short. I made a band for the bottom of the dress by cutting a 8 inch border which I folded in half. I interfaces the band with tulle and serged it to the bottom of the dress.

I had bought some tulle that had clear stones glued to it from Joann's. The fabric was a PIA because the only way to remove the stones was to cut the tulle. I cut the overskirt like a pocket with the fold at the hem and added a back seam. We bought artificial roses from the dollar store which DS and DH cut apart to make petals. The petals are sandwiched between the layers of tulle and freely float around. The overskirt is hand sewed to the dress. The red ribbon and flower came from Joann's.

 I found some tulle in my stash and made a separate slip so she can wear it with other dresses to church. I used french seams and added 3 layers of tulle to the bottom of the skirt. I didn't want the edges to irritate her legs so I used a lingerie elastic to cover the edge of the tulle. I used the same elastic to cover the top of the tulle. I used FOE around the neck and the armholes.

I used the same elastic to make a diaper cover and added rolls of elastic to the back. I butted the elastic together to form the waistband and used FOE to cover up the butt joint.

 The pattern included a pattern for a lined purse so she got one. She can carry Dora and some tissues around. I sandwiched more rose petals between the tulle and the base fabric. I wished that I had done a better job of trimming the petals before I sealed the purse.

DH wanted DGD to have a bib which had a pocket to catch food. I used some scrap knit to make the bib and some of the fabric from the top of her dress for the front. I added a piece of lace to cover up the stitching on the middle of the pocket. It is too big so I need to add a back seam.

When DGD saw the dress, her reaction was priceless. She was excited and she was really happy when she saw the purse. She is such a tomboy for a 2 year old that I was surprised at her reaction. I didn't think that she cared about clothes. I was surprised that I enjoyed making her dress. I will be making more dresses for her to wear to church and special occasions.

I usually give away her clothes when she out grows them but this dress will stick around. I spend about 50 bucks for all of the supplies. DH asked how much I would charge to make this dress. Not happening but if I did the charge would be at least 100.00.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter 2011

I managed to get DH to go to church since I would have a hard time carrying DGD while wearing heels. Church was awesome and DGD kept us occupied. She is a good baby in church, sometimes she claps and tries to sing with the choir. She has been to church enough that she recognizes the bishop's voice and turns around to see him. Her head is on a swivel the entire time that she is awake. She kicked her shoes off at the beginning of service so we left them off. I'm luck that she usually manages to fall asleep during the sermon. After church, we went to lunch with DM and her sister.

It is hard to believe that she is almost a year old. It has been a fast year but she truly has brought a lot of joy to this family. Needless to say, she is spoiled rotten and very much loved, which is easy to do when you are the only baby and the only girl. She is learning to walk so we are starting on a new adventure.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Let It snow

Baltimore is in the midst of a major snowstorm. I'm snowed in at home and very happy to be here. For too many years, I had to work and as a manager make the decision to open or close the clinic. There is a lot of agony in trying to decide whether to risk the life of the staff or the patients. As much as I like working in dialysis, I hate it in the snow. I'm so happy that I changed jobs and don't have that level of responsibility anymore.

It was so nice this morning to sit in the sewing room and watch the falling snow. Here are the pictures from my front door:

fabric from Michael's.