Saturday, November 20, 2010

Staycation update

This has a very peaceful and relaxing week. I have truly enjoyed myself. I did spend a fair amount of time in the sewing room. I didn't finished anything yet. I spend a lot of time doing nothing.

I worked on testing the new update. I had some problems with the program. I emailed WG. They were great at working on fixing the problem in less than 24 hours. Their customer support is awesome. I like the new styles that they added to the program and plan to try them out before the end of the year.

I made a princess seam v-neck top to check the fit. The neck is a little too wide, the neckline needed to be raised up a inch so it would be suitable for the workplace and I had to reduce the bust ease by one inch. Even with these issues, the top turned out nice. I didn't have the right color of thread for topstitching so I had to make a trip to Joann's. I made a wearable muslin of a pencil skirt and it just needs to be hemmed.

Cutting out fabric is not one of my favorite things so I took advantage of the time off to cut out new garments. So far, I have cut out 5 tops, hopefully a wearable jacket muslin, another pencil skirt and a pair of pants. The best thing is that all of the fabric came from the stash. I did order some knits this morning from an ebay vendor.

DGD has been here since Thursday and she keeps me busy so I haven't got much accomplished since she came. She is a good baby but sleep is not on her agenda. I just put her to sleep and she slept 15 minutes.  DH just came home and it's his turn to babysit. He does well  until she starts acting up because she is sleepy but fighting going to sleep. It took me two hours to get her settled down last night. I'm going to work on a wearable muslin for a coat that I drafted this morning.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

November sewing staycation

My sewing has been at a standstill since I've been hung up on working on a pants pattern and making a new sloper. The pants seem to fit well  enough that I can stop tweaking for now. I'll just add a one inch side seam to the pattern for insurance.

PMB released a new upgrade so I decided to re-check my measurements and make a new sloper. I've was a little suprised that I've gained a few inches. I had a moment for a few seconds, not happy. I played with my measurements in version four to get the fit that I wanted. I knew that they were off so I decided to start from scratch with new measurements. It took 3 muslins but I am happy with the final sloper. My sloper fits like a moulage so I have to think about ease decisions as I draft new patterns. I'm not fancy so I just need to tweak new styles as I pick different design options from Style Editor.

I'm on vacation for a week and it's my birthday so I have a date with my sewing machine. I am thinking about joining the Endless Combination contest on PR that starts tomorrow. I see this as a prelude to joining the Swap Contest starting at Stitcher's Guild on December 26th.  I will wait to see before I join. I'm good at starting buy flunk at completing any contest. I'm not competitve when it comes to sewing. I want to sew so I'm not going to jinx myself.

I like the flow of sewing from one garment to the next. I have trouble sticking to a plan so I just make decisions as I work on a garment. I have a vague idea of what I want and what is missing from the closet so I have a general idea about where to start.  I don't feel restricted and all of the garments work with others so I avoid making orphans. 

I'm working mostly with blue and gray fabrics. I have a bunch of pre-washed fabric ready to sew. The stash has a supply of backup fabric if things don't work out. It feels good that I don't have to run out to buy fabric. It's sad but I love having a stash.

Muslin, coffee and mimosas will be my friends this week. I'm so excited about staying home, playing in my sewing room and reading. This is going to be a relaxing and stressfree week.