Friday, April 29, 2011

Zipper front jacket

Pardon the wrinkles but I had been to church and lunch before I could get a picture taken. I could not figure out what to wear on Easter and the ugly prom dress cut into my sewing time. I made this jacket at the end of last year. I took me a while to finish it. I had leftover fabric so Saturday night, I made the skirt. The jacket is drafted from PMB and the fabric is a heavy doubleknit that came out of the stash. I ran out of time, so I didn't add the right shoulder pads and you can see the ones that I used sticking out of the collar. I'm still working on learning how to get the fit right with this program. This is the first jacket that I have finished and worn so it is getting better.

Easter 2011

I managed to get DH to go to church since I would have a hard time carrying DGD while wearing heels. Church was awesome and DGD kept us occupied. She is a good baby in church, sometimes she claps and tries to sing with the choir. She has been to church enough that she recognizes the bishop's voice and turns around to see him. Her head is on a swivel the entire time that she is awake. She kicked her shoes off at the beginning of service so we left them off. I'm luck that she usually manages to fall asleep during the sermon. After church, we went to lunch with DM and her sister.

It is hard to believe that she is almost a year old. It has been a fast year but she truly has brought a lot of joy to this family. Needless to say, she is spoiled rotten and very much loved, which is easy to do when you are the only baby and the only girl. She is learning to walk so we are starting on a new adventure.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Never again

I bumped my head when I thought that I was out of the prom dress business. After we found a dress, it turned out that her mother did not have any money to buy a dress. WTH!!!!. This is after I asked what were they expecting to spend on a dress. Needless to say, Grandma objected to spending $348 on the dress. So they came back to invade my sewing room again.

DM and Grandma worked on the top of the dress while I was at work. Big lesson learned, do not buy boning from Joann's. Second lesson, do not buy boning from Walmart. The boning was so cheap and flimsy that I had to use 2 pieces in some places. I used the fitting muslin for the underlining. I had DM sew a channel using bias tape around the top of the underlining. I ran a piece of elastic thru the casing to keep the dress from falling down. Another lesson learned, when you are barely a B cup do not buy cheap boning and wait until the last minute to make a dress. Can you tell that I'm ticked off about the boning.

Now they decide that they are going to change the skirt part of the dress. I used PMB to draft a new skirt because Grandma is dismayed that her "private parts" are going to be on display when she sits down in this dress or tries to get out of the limo. My cousin and her mother use my rotary cutter to cut out the skirt and the lining. IT WAS A HOT MESS. They decided that the skirt was too long so they cut it shorter. They cut off the hem.

I got roped into the mess when it was time to join the corset and the skirt. On the corset,  they sewed the bottom of the outer fabric to the underlining. Now I have to make slits in the channels to slide the boning in place. I can't adjust the corset where it is slightly too loose because I be dammed if I going to rip stitches out of black fabric at night. Grandma draped the front of the skirt and I sewed the top to the bottom.

Now the fun starts, the original corset tied up the back. I told my mother that it would be a cold day in hell before I made those eyelets. I told them that I wanted to put the zipper in the side seam but it slipped their minds. Steam is rising as I struggle to sew a zipper into the back of this dress. I ended up redoing the zipper twice before it looked presentable. The inside of the dress is so bad that I used the pinking shears to try to make it look better. The dress is not short enough so I pin a deeper hem in the dress and give it to Grandma to finish the hem.

I was glad to see this dress leave my house. My sewing room was trashed, my rotary cutter blade has nicks. DM knows that I will never be pushed into sewing for somebody else again. Grandma and DM learned that sewing is not as easy as they thought. My cousin and everybody was happy with this dress. This reminds me of why I don't sew for other people.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Life changes

DGD lives with us during the week and takes up most of my time in the evening when DS is in school. She is such a joy to be with but at the same time helping to take care of her has kept me out of the sewing room. I love her but I do miss the downtime after work. Being a grandparent is much easier than being a parent. I have spoiled her rotten but she is learning what no and stop means. Next month she will be a year old and it has been a fast year.

I have been slowly sewing since November. I have been working on tweaking my pants and skirt patterns to add a full tummy adjustment so that I have breathing room when I sit down. The long winter and fitting issues has added to the sewing slowdown. After cleaning out the closet, it is bare and if I don't start sewing soon, I will be in big trouble.

Last Sunday, DH and I was driving DM and her sister to a birthday dinner. As we are going down the road, my aunt hands me a bag with fabric and patterns to make a prom dress for her DGD. The prom is April 15th. Both of them have decided that they are going to make this dress with my help. It has been at least 25 years since either of them touched a sewing machine. There is an assumption that it is okay to take over my sewing room and that I am free to help them after working 10 hours a day. 

My cousin bought a black cheap satin and a silky printed polyester from Joanns. They bought patterns for a corset and a draped front skirt that they wanted combined into a dress. On Tuesday, I left muslin for them to make a trial garment. I got home from work and they had cut out the skirt pattern too small. They did manage to sew the corset together and only sewed one section on backwards. My cousin came and I tried to tell her that it would not look good but entitled childen only hear what they want. At the end of the night, DM left with a suit that I spend the last month working on and a skirt. But she agreed to buy DGD's Easter dress. This worked out perfect since I wasn't happy with the jacket.

Last night, I drafted a new skirt which was closer to what my cousin wanted. I tacked the black satin to my dressform and started draping the skirt. It was butt ugly so I stopped in my track and called them to come see the dress. I took a picture and showed everybody at work.  Everybody agreed that it was butt ugly. I pulled out fabric from the stash and offered it to my cousin but nothing was what she wanted. She did not like any fabric on the internet. I helped her find a dress at Saks. So now I am out of making a butt ugly prom dress. This is the reason that I don't sew for other people.