Sunday, October 2, 2011

Life is never dull

God has good jokes but he never makes mistakes. I'm currently out of a job but am happily unemployed at the moment. When I lost my job, I had a moment for about 45 seconds but realized that leaving that job was a good thing. I decided to take time off before I started looking for another job. I am much more relaxed and my stress level is non-existent. I'm not bored. I have returned to church and started going to Bible study. I've spend more time with my mother and sisters in the last month than I have in months.

We rent (Thank God) a old rowhouse around the corner from my DM. This is really nice because I can go around the corner to freeload a meal. If one of us is out of something when we are cooking, it is cool that we can send around the corner and avoid going to the store. It is also cool because we can ride to church together. My baby sis talked me into making hoop earrings and feather earrings. Not making any money but DS is getting a lot of free jewelry out of the deal.

Crazy stuff is happening but I am not stressed about it.
1.  Two weeks ago a shelf felled down in my sewing room. The screws pulled out from the wall and did a number on the plaster. It took two weeks and multiple reminders before DH put up a new shelf. The wall was so damaged that the shelf had to be moved higher.
2.  Last week, DH was watching TV and noticed that the floor was wet. It was raining on the inside of the window running down the window blind. We called the management company but they are backed up because of all of the leaking roofs. DH is going to try to caulk the crack until they can get here to repair the damage.
3. Today, we went in Walmart and came outside and the truck was missing. DH forgot to put up the handicap sticker and they towed the truck away. It cost $225 to get the truck back.

Since my sewing room had turned into diaster land, I figured that it was a sign that I needed to give the room a good cleaning and re-organization. I've spend the last week slowly re-arranging everything. I'm 80% finished but I have a honey do list so hopefully the room will be finished by next weekend. This is a before picture.