Saturday, January 21, 2012

I got a job

I accepted a position as a RN-Home nurse at a clinic which is over a hour from home. The in person and telephone interviews went very well. Everybody that I spoke with was so positive and upbeat. The clinic has a nice set up and everybody seems so nice. The clinic has a need that I can fill and the company feels like a place where I can fit in.

Life will be interesting since I am not a commuter. I actually hate to commute. The good things about the job will outweigh the commute, I hope. Whenever things happen, I ask what lesson am I suppose to learn. This time the lesson is to trust God. The bishop said that God will send you where he wants you to be.  I know that this is God directed because I don't feel scared or concerned that I have such a long commute. I'm looking at  this as my mediation time. DH is going to drive at first until he thinks that I can handle the drive. He will also drive in bad weather. During the interview, we discussed bad weather and the company will pay for me to stay at a hotel close to the clinic. I'll keep a change of clothes in the car. My Kindle and Nook will keep me from being bored.

Not having a regular paycheck is a scary experience but everytime I start to feel panicky, I remember that I need to trust God and it will be okay. Lesson learned.

During this time, I was sorta working, I was going to a client's home three times a week but I charged her very, very little because her and her family are really nice. After I left my last job, they called and asked if I would come to help out until I got another job. It was easy work and I enjoyed spending time with her, took up less than 3 1/2 hours at a time but it was not enough to keep me going financially. I will miss taking care of her on a regular basis. I will still help out when my schedule works out.

The new job is exciting, it is pretty much the same thing that I was already doing. The new part of the job is the chance to teach patients with chronic kidney disease about kidney failure. I love to teach and the chance to teach pre-dialysis classes is one of my passions.

I will miss staying at home. I enjoyed having the time to cook and bake during the week. Now the crockpot will get a workout. DH thinks that he can cook, he is good at making grilled cheese and heating up in the microwave. He did try cooking one time but it ended when he made chili and added mushrooms. He got a little sensitive when I tried to explain that mushrooms don't belong in chili. DS can cook but I don't want to eat fried food all the time.

I have been sewing but I have a bunch of stuff that needs finishing. I don't start work for a couple of weeks so I need to finish up all of my UFO's. We will have a family meeting to discuss housekeeping since I do not plan to clean house on the weekends.  My next post will be about the garments that I have been working on.