Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcome to 2015 & The Beginning of a Great Year

I'm glad to start a new year, I am declaring that 2015 will be a great year.

As you can see, I deleted all of my blog posts out of frustration. I really suck at blogging but realize that it is a good way to track sewing projects. I might add a page for some projects from last year. I should commit to blogging more often but I won't promise what I may not deliver. I'll take it one project at a time.

I participated in the fast for the 2014 RTW Fasters. I did really well and the only things that I bought were two pairs of jeans, camisoles on sale, underwear and hose. Everyday, I wear at least one garment that is me made. I am relieved that I'm not depending on RTW to get dressed everyday. I hate clothes shopping.

I've sewn quite a bit since I started my new job in May. I am enjoying this job and look forward to going to work everyday. I'm back in management and I'm in charge of a brand new clinic.  The company is great and the people are really cool to work with. I hired a team that I really like. Construction is almost finished. They just need to finish the punch list. It has been interesting to be involved from the beginning of the construction to seeing the finished project. We start moving in next week.

One of the things that I love about this job is that I got to help set the dress code. We decided that the non-nursing staff will wear business casual. The clinical staff wears the same type of scrubs. For me this translates into the dressier end of business casual with a mix of professional outfits. This year, I'll spend a fair amount of time doing public speaking (not one of my favorite things to do). The best part is that I can sew the garments that I enjoy making. I love wear dresses and skirts but pants are more practical sometimes.

This month, I have been thinking about my wardrobe and what I want to sew in the future. I wear a lot of black and feel really comfortable with the color. A lot of women complain that they can't wear black but it works for me. Black ponte knit is my favorite fabric to use and I always keep it in the stash. I wear a lot of cardigans but I need to develop a TNT pattern for a jacket. I think that I have a TNT pattern for a pencil skirt and slim leg pants. I need to add more solid colors so my wardrobe is more versatile. My core colors are black, white, blue, gray,& red. Accent colors are purple, beige and greens. All of these colors are already in the stash.

I really enjoy the ASG group that I belong to. They are a really great group of women who enjoy learning to sew. I'm looking forward to another year sewing with them. I've been thinking about starting a sewing group at my church but that will have to wait for a while. My plate is a little full at the moment.

I still use PMB for 95% of all of my patterns. I did use a few commercial patterns in 2014. There are a couple of Vogue patterns that I have used several times. It's time to try more patterns that are in the stash. I have decided that I really need to stop collecting patterns that I don't use.

Missions for this year:  SEW MORE
1. Slow down the fabric buying, the stash holds a ton of fabric that needs to stop occupying space on the stash shelves and turn into garments in the closet. It will be interesting to see how long I can go without buying fabric. It is useless to commit to fasting because I like buying fabric. It is cheap therapy.
2. Slow down buying new patterns, I have gotten much better but we'll see what happens when new patterns come out.
3. Continue to work on developing a set of TNT patterns. There is something really nice about using a pattern and not having to worry about fitting issues. At the same time, I want to learn how to combine commercial patterns and PMB.
4. Analyze my closet to see what I'm missing. I purged my closet so it left a lot of holes. There are a few older orphan garments that need a companion garment. I know that I need to add a wrapped blouse to the wardrobe in different colors.
5. Work on a complicate project divided into manageable sections along with a easy garment. It will help keep my stress level manageable.
6. Learn  & practice more complicated techniques. This was a goal for 2014 that I didn't touch.
7. Look at the Craftsy classes that I have bought, lol.
8. Continue to work on jewelry making. I find beading to be very relaxing.
8. Enjoy life, it is too short to be miserable.