Saturday, December 26, 2015

SWAP 2016 Towanda's Indecision

Today is the start of the 14th Annual SWAP Contest  at Stitcher's Guild. I've been thinking about this contest for awhile and have decided to enter. My plan has changed several times and will continue to change as time goes by because I have a commitment issue, lol which is why indecision is the name of my collection. I will be sewing a spring/summer wardrobe so that I'll be ready when the weather warms up if it ever gets cold.

My goals are:
Finish all of my garments by the deadline date
Use as much stash fabric as possible - only buy fabric and notions that I need to finish garments. I'm trying to use up any fabric that I pull from the stash so nothing goes back on the shelves.
Make simple garments that I will wear on a regular basis

I know that I have too much fabric because I can't find a piece of black seersucker that I want to use for a blouse. It will turn up sooner or later.  Pulling out fabric reminded me that I really don't need to buy new fabric. I'm proud of myself because I've only bought fabric a few times this year. I think that there is only one piece that I didn't like. This is a picture of fabric that I'm thinking about using for my collection. Not all of the fabric will make the final cut.

Starting point

This is my tentative plan
Capsule one -
Vogue 1347 Ralph Rucci  pants suit. I plan to eliminate the ties on the sleeves. I will need to make some fitting changes to the pattern. I will be using a lightweight black suiting fabric.
PMB drafted sleeveless or cap sleeve shell - using the black & white sheer print fabric. The top will need to be lined.

Capsule two
White slim leg pants - need to order white suiting fabric.
Black print top  using the black print fabric
Black and white pleated swirl print - have enough fabric to make a skirt (not part of the swap)

LC blouse using the red & white ikat linen
Wrap skirt using red linen

Wild cards
Black raincoat - may use SB or Marcy Tilton pattern
White skirt or gray slim leg pants
Red knit top - pattern to be decided

?? Garments
2 black print sleeveless dresses
White pique ABO jacket

All of this is subject to change based on my indecisive mind and lack of impulse control. I'm like a magpie, something catches my attention and off I go. I actually plan to make more garments by sewing an endless chain. Right now, I'm stuck on the color gray. When this color lets my mind go, I'll start sewing with my favorite color - black.